The Power of Stories in Business Communication

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Stories are the most important aspect of any really great conversation.  Compelling stories that draw us into a situation and have us become part of the story even when we were not there.  

Stories are really necessary in one of the most important conversations you will have, a job interview. Why?  How else do you become memorable when so many qualified candidates are competing for the same positions?  Through compelling stories that clearly demonstrate what you can do you will help the hiring manager “see” you in action.

We get ourselves so stressed wondering what to say, how to have the right answer when we don’t know the questions.  How do you study before the test – prepare. Prepare by remembering your success stories.  When you are in that space of knowing you were both personally and professionally successful something happens to the story.   It becomes real and you as the storyteller are the hero.

I love when I can work with my clients to create a story that plays a movie in my head.  When I can start to see them at work.  One of my clients was telling me “I’m a hard worker, loyal and dedicated”.  Nice words but nebulous.  I asked him to give me a story demonstrating those traits.  He recalled a time when a co-worker was on vacation and he picked up her role so him and the team could get their work done.   

During the story he was leaning over picking up files, going back to his desk and getting the work done, yet he never left his chair.   He recalled another story where he went to help a co-worker kick-start the reports that the team all needed to complete month end reporting.   Again the discussion became animated, expressive and brought me into his workspace.  I could see him moving from desk to desk helping others start or finish their work demonstrated through his words and aligned body language.

As I started to see him in his work place I had imagery of Andrew as a positive Drano for his work team.  Wherever there was a clog in the workflow Andrew came to the rescue to unclog the work and tidy up any inefficiencies so work could again flow to his desk.

Did I tell you he is hardworking, loyal and dedicated?  Can you see it? Can you feel it?  Would you like Andrew working on your team?  In his words, “you won’t regret hiring me.  And after hearing and “seeing” his stories I know I would not regret having him on my team.