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Know your proper office etiquette. Part 2

Keep it Clean

Keep your work area, your area for working. Avoid filling every square inch with photos and other memorabilia, since you need the space for work related items. Workplace etiquette says that it is crucial for you to have a workspace that is neat and clean.If your workplace has a kitchen, this can be a real source for problems in an office. Many times, when others don’t clean up their own messes, it can be a real source for tension. Be sure that if you make a mess, it is cleaned up quickly, and any food items you bring have your name and date on them. Also, make sure to always get rid of old containers when the workweek ends. If you see that the creamer is getting low, fill it back up. Don’t leave it for the next person to worry about. Cleaning up after yourself is not only good workplace etiquette, it is just good manners.


When using the restroom, be a good employee, and clean up any soap or water that is on the counter tops. If a problem with water on the floor, or something of that nature happens, always tell the right people, so it can be taken care of right away. This isn’t only good office etiquette, it can also help avoid accidents. How would you like to be the one that slipped on a puddle of water because no one said anything?

Office Supplies

If you use items that are shared, like printers, staplers, and things of that nature, be sure that they are working the way they should be before you leave. If a printer has a paper jam, don’t act as if you didn’t know and leave it for the next person. If it were you, you wouldn’t want to have to clear someone else’s paper jam, and waste valuable time. Be respectful of others, and it will make you feel nice when you are able to show the right workplace etiquette to others.

On another note, if you can not decide what gift to get a fellow coworker or your boss, office supplies will do.

Always Ask

If you do have to borrow anything from a coworker, always ask before taking it. The last thing you want is to be labeled an office thief. It shouldn’t be difficult, you were taught this in kindergarten!

No Time for Snooze

Avoid the old falling- asleep- when- hard- at- work routine. Not only is this terrible office etiquette, it can be embarrassing as well, especially if you are a snorer.