Research Practices

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How does this reach or how does my research extend that current body of knowledge on the topic now the last thing is that sometimes you’ll say things and you’ll say oh my committee knows this or my professor knows this my professor knows this I don’t have to say this okay a lot of times your professor does know it but they want to know that you know it does that make sense okay so sometimes when you’re writing and let’s say a proposal some of you guys are working on proposals who else is work you were going to propose the work for a proposal sometimes what will happen is they want to know that you know do they know yeah they know they probably wrote the book on it but they also want to know that you know okay. Get to know more at

So well we’re going to start here is with good research practices because a lot of times where we get in trouble you’re talking about massing all those references and they’re massive starting with good research practices we’ll make sure that you always write with integrity so the foundation is I want to get to where I’m I’m part of that conversation but how do I get there well first of all you want to understand what scholars are important to your field okay who are big who are the big dogs okay who are the big players in your field I use Google Scholar sometimes to find out the cited by some of the librarians you know they say oh I wish you wouldn’t say that but I do just as a just to see if something cited by two people versus an article that’s cited by 900 people or other peer-reviewed sources I’ll probably look at that one okay now it may have been cited by 900 other articles because the research is so bad that everybody is critiquing them right but maybe you need to mention that as well but a way to know also is you’re going to see as you read you are going to see names come up over and over and over and over again make a note of those names those people are important.

If you leave them out you may be asking for somebody to ask you the question well how come you didn’t cite so-and-so learn the writing citation style of your discipline and develop a systematic way of staying organized I’m going to talk a little bit more about that in detail to understand what scholars report in your field read read read read read read read read read read ok read more and then take notes all right I see mostly undergrads trying to write papers from highlighted PDF files that is the probably the fastest way to plagiarize that I know of do you see what I’m saying because you’ve got the you’ve got the highlighted PDFs they’re surrounding you there is really nothing wrong with highlighting.