Know Your Sources

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Your job is tell us in your own words what your sources are saying what point are you trying to develop that’s what we want to know and when you’re explaining do so in a manner that takes it from beginning to end because John knows economics I know a little from a long association with John oh yeah so I know something but not as much as you so what you need to do is to tell us or anyone else who are your leaders what is an executive that you want to say make sure all your points at the beginning that’s very important because we’re a lot of writers will fall down is because they know the material very well they think everybody else knows the material as well as they do that’s not necessarily the case so what the Africa knows me yeah what the heck redeems me yeah that’s becoming FOMC okay. Find and check examples of term papers at Edusson.

I’ll make even what that whole MC is you’ve got majors come on Federal Open but yeah I mean even you’ve studied that it means like this to recall that so when you use acronyms you know like memorably on the video of the engineer presenting really bad powerpoints and all the acronyms and terrible it comes across if they use an acronym they vacuum them should be introduced like we’d say first time you mention it Federal Open Market Committee then in parentheses immediately following FOMC then you can save space later on but just following at that we’ll see once you establish exactly what that is right so what you’re doing in the Development Center is looking for the facts themes and patterns that you found in your research you’ve got an idea in mind about what it is you want to write about so your development section is using that information to span on your point or points fast that’s what you want to amplify session so if you do that you’ll have a very thorough explanation of your thesis sentences and that’s what I have Gary helped me as notice of eyes because this is things I don’t see them talk about it.

So he’s my assistant reviewing the papers and I do that with John’s and I’m right yeah so what what we do John will come up with an idea for let’s say an article for the legal news and he’ll write about it from an economists viewpoint and we’re writing for attorneys and audience of attorneys so you may want to use the implied audience as your you know if you’re going into a particular field we’re thinking of using this introductory piece of writing and they agency or company or whatever you mean why use that you don’t have to use so they don’t make it fit the topic you know hopefully you know you’re right but what we do John will write its article he’ll do just doing it they’ll do is outline they’ll do a rough draft then he’ll do a final draft and then that’s right it’s not just one.