How to Socialize Effectively

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Socializing effectively in company events and parties indicates that you’re a friendly person who is willing to meet and open ties to new people. Socializing poorly, however, can demonstrate that you are unsure of yourself, or arrogant. Here are some tips to improve your socializing skills when attending in company events.

How to socialize effectively at company parties:

1.) Talk to everyone. Don’t talk to just one person. Don’t talk to people only in your department. Open up, as much as possible, and talk to everyone. Some people are also anxious when it comes to initiating ties to other people, so they will welcome you if you take the initiative.

2.) Give solid handshakes. Remember, a good handshake makes good impressions.

3.) Talk of anything. Listen to the other party as he or she speaks. Ask open ended questions to avoid one-liner answers such as “yes, I do.” “No, I haven’t” or “I’m not sure.”

4.) Use the body language. Keep your stance open and your arms unfolded to show how approachable you are. Do not frown, always smile!

5.) Maintain eye contact. When you do so, the person you are talking to will be secured, and it will keep the conversation flowing. Glancing everywhere while talking to a person can be discomforting, and it will make the other party feel unimportant!

How to Deal with Common Socializing Mistakes

One reason why people are afraid to socialize is because of the fear that they will make mistakes. Actually, for most things out there, the reason why people don’t do what they want is because they are afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are good, if you let them be. It helps us learn and helps us grow. So if you make a social mistake, accept it and learn from it. You will be more confident and a better socializer.

In dealing with common social mistake, you just have to be a little tricky.  If you forget someone’s name, when trying to remember fails, ask for that person what most people call him or her. You will not sound like you forgot the name. If you are writing a colleague’s name and forgot what it is, ask the colleague how he or she spells the name.

As for deeper mistakes, like unintentionally hurting someone, the best way to calm the tension is humor. Apologizing sincerely, however, proves to be better.